I took this class thinking, Oh! a fun, artsy, comical.., English class is exactly what I need this semester… Well, I was right?  I am posting my first blog ever and feel so accomplished!  I love writing so maybe I could get into this.  I also love drawing but am not the next van Gogh or Monet (clearly I would be in Eastern Europe perfecting my skill if I was)… I mean let’s be honest, that interpretation of what a comic means to me at the end of last class took a total of 2 minutes and it reflected 2 minutes worth of work. But, what do I really expect out of this class?  I expect to learn about the Green Lantern…he’s a super-hero right? I also expect to figure out those comic strips that don’t come with the word bubbles and thought clouds.  I am excited to see how comic strips, graphic novels, and other visual stories and feelings can have an impact on literature.  It will be interesting to see what this class actually has to offer rhetorically… but I am looking forward to seeing how Bruce Wayne effects us all culturally.  Be real, who doesn’t love Batman.

~ by agrusso89 on January 26, 2010.

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