So I was reading the latest post on Andy’s wall and decided to have my say.  We were all influenced culturally as children with comics in the Sunday paper (the only thing I “read” until I found the word jumble) and comics around us in magazines or books.  Personally.. I hated reading those comics.. They took forever and I never understood exactly what was happening.  I think that I was the kid who flipped through those pages just to look at all the pictures.. occasionally seeing “pow” or “bang” in an entire panel box.

It is interesting to see what boundaries we set for ourselves while choosing to read one thing versus another.  Why are comic books harder to read compared to one comic strip.  The story lies within 3 boxes.. which is amazing, creatively.  It’s hard enough to think of a story plot without having to think about the limitations in to which you are drawing/writing the story.  What do people see and connect with something they may know.  Can we assume that everyone knows that two fingers held up in a ‘v’ shape translates to ‘peace’ or that tipping your hat when greeting someone means ‘hello’.  What are the limitations to icons?  McCloud talks about the sounds that we think we can hear when we read the word “POW” in an explosion bubble (just thought of that, thank you).  It is interesting to see the boundaries set by the words or the emotions that we think we are interpreting.  Comics are a very intriguing art form with limitations in each setting, timing each phrase, and emotionally grasping the concept that is trying to present itself.

Lately getting my thoughts across without sounding like “B*TCH” has been difficult.  Maybe I should start drawing and leaving comics around, no more words, just letters that form words, that form sentences, that connect to a drawing.  Hmm..


~ by agrusso89 on January 31, 2010.

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