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This is an extension of the last post “Panels/Walls/Boundaries”…

McCloud references iconic images as a solution to understanding comics.. what we don’t see is engraved in our brains which completes the puzzle of the comic strip.  It is interesting to think of the things we don’t see as finishing the story.  We understand more with the less that we see.  Page 68 emphasizes the imagery that finishes our thoughts or completes the pictorial.  In comparison, on page 85 McCloud speaks of finding the balance of too much and too little.  What does the reader know and understand.  This has a lot to do with the icons you know and the words that portray an action (much like the words ‘Thank You’ on the swinging door posted on trash cans, this is thanking us for throwing out or trash but it is also telling us what those boxes are for, we somehow combine the two without ever considering what else the box could otherwise be).

Page 128 tells us about the picture that isn’t a picture anymore, more of a visual metaphor, or a symbol.  This is an interesting concept because everything seems to be a symbol.  All around us we see words, signs, and patters that evoke a different thought or interpretation.  This entire book is separated by chapters yet it is all together in the fact that comics are a combination of what we know as symbols and artistic interpretation.

I am excited to keep learning.. *NERD*


~ by agrusso89 on February 1, 2010.

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