Half the Battle

Hmm.. so here I am. Sunday.  Trying to squeeze some extra comical creative juices out of my weekend logged brain.  Half the battle this weekend was thinking of what part in my life should be shared and drawn out in a comic.  Personally, I feel that I have quite an uneventful life… is that good or bad?  I’m sure I’ve been through some standard growing up pains and some crazy family fights/laughs/trips but nothing too crazy.  So, I guess I decided on the latest adventure in my life that has severely consumed my thoughts.  This ‘adventure’ was the worst mistake of my life (least minor mistake of my life) which was getting a perm.  This is a process in which your hair gets chemically altered to add wave.  Hm. Bad plan.  Anyways, it was sort of fun getting my major frustrations out about this terrible idea through a comic.  I got to express how I felt and how I feel now without ripping my hair out! So, I guess I would say that creating this autobiographical comic is interestingly creative while still personally expressive but half the battle was thinking about what to share about my not so eventful life.  Hair seems to be the answer.


~ by agrusso89 on February 14, 2010.

One Response to “Half the Battle”

  1. Someone in class mentioned that writing an autobiography can be a kind of therapy. Maybe writing about your bad perm will help you get over the traumatic experience. Just a thought.

    Look forward to your revision.


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