Analyzing and revising my comic is fun! HA! I have added an ending which was the most difficult thing I have ever DONE (while drawing a comic) and I don’t even realllly like the end?  It’s interesting to see where my comic ended.  This story doesn’t really have an ending.. it’s my hair and I still have hair and it’s just changed over time.  I would have a never-ending comic if I just kept going.  I figured out a way to tie in my friend Carmen (who was part of the beginning of the story via text messaging) which made me feel like my story had more a circular plot.  I have added more shading to parts that needed some depth but I don’t know how that will turn out when I have to actually put it on the computer or scan it on other paper.  I feel like I still want to venture into the land of ink and go over all of my pencil work but the style will change a lot.  I am still revising even with an hour and a half before class.  I hope I can change enough so it is different enough to make some sort of revision impact.  Hm. Did that make sense? Doubt it.


~ by agrusso89 on February 22, 2010.

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