Time To Waste

You’ve got time to waste and i’m not sorry

Well- apparently I have time to waste– because here I am, writing my last blog (related to this class).  I am just reallllly excited to take all the knowledge and experience I have learned throughout this course into my teaching career.  This class has opened my eyes to ‘different learning styles’ as well as different forms of media art.  Comics have such a large impact on the reader but the trick is to help the general public realize that comics are not hard to read or understand as well as use for a tunnel of information.  I never gave comics any time in my day, other than a possible Sunday morning graze.  I have learned a lot about numerous people’s histories as well as world history by the one and only, word and picture association, or as I like to call them, comics.

I just wanted to say:  Thanks, Andy.  For teaching me how to analyze these comics as well as exposing me to this new world, the world of comics.  I mean, honestly, I never would have guessed.

Until Thursday; I say good day.


~ by agrusso89 on May 18, 2010.

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