Not Too Bad

Here I am, again.  I haven’t been on this website for around two years.  I am now a completely different person and have changed my major by just about every aspect of the word, change.  I am a journalism major and have to write as my job now.  Life is random and I cannot decide what I want in my life.  Newest goal: late night talk radio.  If I had one dream, that would be it.  I also want to move out of Milwaukee!  How sad, I know.  I probably won’t for a while but isn’t it time for something new?  I love my life at this moment and am trying my hardest, through library naps and too many hours at work, to graduate this year.  I am a fifth year senior and it is time.  Wish me luck….or just break a limb. 


~ by agrusso89 on September 25, 2012.

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